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Automotive Core Requirements


When filling out your L&M Cores invoice, please note it is mandatory to follow these requirements for cores:

For all cores, it is important that they have no corrosion & are not remanufactured parts!

The Order and Part Requirements Listed Below are the Requirements for All Orders Placed with L&M Cores


1. You will be required to provide an accurate invoice specifying the individual Hollanders being shipped with your order.


2. Any part that is received and is not the correct Hollander will be paid current buy list prices for the Hollander that we do receive, and wrong items will only be returned if arrangements are made prior to shipping and at the yard's expense. It is the yard’s responsibility to ensure that all Hollanders requested by PAC are matched up correctly, taking note of any OE number specific parts and/or any other specific “Buyer Notes” on the bid to receive promised prices listed.


3. Offering to sell 10 or more items of the same Hollander requires pre-approval from one of our buyers.


4. All orders must be packed using a standard Gaylord box or strapped onto a standard size pallet (48x48). If you need assistance locating suitable boxes, please call your PAC Representative, and we will do our best to help you locate acceptable shipping materials.


ATTENTION: Due to the decline of the current scrap market, at this time, the online department is unable to ship in non-invoiced parts. If you have an excess of unidentified cores, or other special circumstances, please contact your online representative, who will review your needs, and determine the best way to handle your situation. In the event that we receive an excess of extra parts with an order, which are identified as scrap or miscellaneous items we did not advertise on our programs, your yard will be responsible for a percentage of the freight cost for these parts.



Additionally please note the conditions for each type of core:


Alternators: Must turn freely. Complete with no broken or cracked housings, no broken case fins, no broken plugs or battery posts, no broken pulley, no melted plastics or burned units.

Starters: Complete, no broken or cracked housings, no broken plugs or battery posts, no broken solenoids, no burned units, drive gear rotates freely.

Brake Calipers: Complete with bracket attached, rear calipers must have all levers and springs, no damaged castings (deductions will be taken for broken bleeders), no missing pistons. Calipers cannot be rusted, pitted or corroded. Plastic housing cannot be broken (when applicable).


Climate Control Module: No cracked housing or broken plug. No water damage. Cut wires and leave plug attached. Must have ID sticker. Deductions for missing/broken knobs, faceplate, or paint markings.


Engine/Body Control Modules: Clean & clear original manufacturer id labels. No broken plugs. No bent pins. No rust or dents.


Infotainment/NAV UnitUnit must be in good condition with no water damage, deduction will be made for broken plugs, and damage caused by removing disks and/or pigtails. *It is recommended that you DO NOT remove any discs or the pigtails from the unit*.


Instrument Panel Clusters: No broken or cracked tabs/housing. Deductions for lenses that are cracked, missing, broken, or paint markings.


Message Center: Unit must be in good condition with no cracked housing or broken plugs. No water damage. Cut wires and leave pigtails attached.


Power Window Switch: Can not have broken or cracked housing. Must have all buttons and knobs. No broken plugs, please leave wires attached to ensure the plugs are not damaged. Will not accept any water or fire damaged parts. Must have original manufacturer ID label.

ABS Unit: Must not be broken or cracked. Strictly OEM.

P/S PumpsNo broken or cracked mounts or case, turns and pumps, complete with pulley and integral reservoir, no damaged ports, no broken sensors (if applicable).


Power Racks: No cracked housings or casting, no broken plugs, no missing or broken sensors (if applicable), no bent or cut main lines, no missing or bent inner tie rods, no twisted or bent input shaft. 

Electric Steering Racks: Electric steering rack and pinions must have good plugs.


Steering Boxes: No cracked housings no twisted or damaged input or output shafts.


Turbochargers / Superchargers: Must be a complete unit including all housings, back-plates, and internal parts.


Engines: The housing and blocks should not have any cracks or holes, cannot be rusted, or corroded, must be complete with all Tin (Valve Cover, Timing Chain Cover, Oil Pan, Etc.), Turbo, and Injectors when applicable, and the casting numbers must all be legible. Gas engines need to include oil pans, timing covers and valve covers only unless otherwise specified. All fluids must be drained prior to shipping. OE Serial Specific parts MUST be verified with L&M Core Representative before we can purchase the core from you. MUST CALL ABOUT LIST AS IT CHANGES FREQUENTLY


Hydrovacs: No cracked housings or mounts. No missing accumulators. No broken or bent rods.

Transfer Case Assemblies: Must come with original manufacturer ID tag, have no broken housings, turn smoothly and include shift motor (if applicable). MUST CALL ABOUT LIST AS IT CHANGES FREQUENTLY


Transmissions: No cracked housings, no broken plugs or sensors (if applicable), turns freely, no twisted input or output shafts. Must come with original manufacturer ID tag and it has to be clear and legible. Deductions will be taken for missing torque converters and oil pans along with missing or broken tail shaft housings. All fluids must be drained prior to shipping. MUST CALL ABOUT LIST AS IT CHANGES FREQUENTLY




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